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Team members

Tajinder Gill (Taj)

Tajinder Gill has worked with Sarah since 2016 as her personal assistant although they have known each other for longer. Taj hosted with Sarah on The Divine Truth Show on Revolution Radio as well as putting together the Awakecon conference with Sarah in the UK in 2017. Taj looks after Sarah’s social media, website, client bookings, and deals with all booking requests for shows, conferences, interviews and events. Taj now works as Sarah's full time business manager.

P.  (424) 235-1172

E. ​


Allyn Orwig Ph.D


When it comes to understanding microorganisms and how they interact with our own internal systems, Allyn Orwig is an individual one should go to. She has made it one of her life missions to learn as much as she can about natural healing, and enlighten any and everyone she can.  Allyn is the type of person that lives the life that she teaches. She has embodied her wealth of knowledge that stems from decades of research. She has been working as an herbalist for a majority of her life and with essential oils for 25 years. Allyn has been a licensed Massage Therapist for twenty years, knows Cranial Sacral therapy and is a Reiki Master. In 2010, Allyn began to work in Quantum Biofeedback and continues in that practice today. Allyn received her PhD in Natural Health Sciences in 2014. Her dissertation on revitalizing water gave her a deeper connection to water and a profound understanding of its unique properties.  Allyn also has worked with a Dark Field Microscope for seven years, with over 500 hours of training at Biomedx in live and dried blood nutritional assessment.


P.  (303) 912-4153

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Charmin Shaman (Dr Chad)

Chad has been mentored and studied with Drunvalo Melchizedek, Ron Sirchie, Ron Laplace, Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, a yogi from Pune, India, Dr Baskaran Pillai (yogi in southern India), Steve Ross, Eric Pepin, Dan Brule', Teal Scott/Swan and Dr. Brian Weiss. Some of his skills include, Doctor of Naturopathy , Scalar Waves, Metaphysics, Alchemist
and a Molecular Hydration Specialist.


Michael Orwig


Michael Orwig is an international speaker and author. He has a degree in Mathematics and Psychology from Duke University and a master’s degree in Mind Based Medicine and Hypnotherapy from Quantum University. As a former 747 Captain he has traveled the world connecting and healing the subtle energy grids of our planet. Both of his books in “The Quantum Children” series have won awards. Volume 1 was a COVR awards silver medalist in 2016 and Volume 2 was the Gold medalist as the best Mind, Body, Spirit non-fiction book for 2018.

Michael is creating a very special website that is a combination of all forms of wisdom that parents of the new generations are going to need. He has of course his own information, but he has also included over 40 free interviews on many different subjects the site. Michael also wants to help teenagers and young adults find out what they are most passionate about. He teaches about limiting belief and thought patterns holding us back from our joy. He can also get information to your questions from behind the scenes with QHHT. (Quantum Hypnotherapy Healing Technique) Call to set up a zoom meeting. 


P.  720 979 6333


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