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Amazing 3-day epic 5D event is about creating a better future with Quantum consciousness, Functional Wellness, Scalar Research and Technology, Stem Cell Research, Cancer research, Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer, DNA Activation, Longevity, Quantum Healing, Biological Architecture, Space Science, Tesla Technology, Coronavirus,  Survival of Humanity, Biological Architecture, Pyramids, ET Disclosure, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Secret Space Programs, Time Travel, ET contact, Business Leadership, CO-Creating a new Paradigm with a 2.0 humanity, Personal Empowerment, Awareness, Transformation,  Gratitude, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Light Language, Hypnotherapy, Spirituality, Mysticism, Sufism & Life Mastery with many Lectures, Workshops, Panels, Exhibits, Friday Night Speakers meet and greet party & Saturday Night Banquet Dinner party.

bio med expo 

October 23-25, 2020 

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