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Clearing Negative Energies

(6 personalised 1 hour phone sessions)

If you're dealing with challenges like bad luck, nightmares, or anxiety caused by negative spiritual/energetic influences, this course is here to help you clear these blockages whether from ancestral karma, curses, or entities – and help you return to a harmonious life.


Here’s how we will completely shift your reality and propel you into a positive timeline . . .


  • Identify and clear curses affecting love life, finances, health, and mental well-being.


  • Clear past-life, parental, and family karma.


  • Release energetic attachments that cause difficulties.


  • Clear ancestral demons or curses from past lives.


  • Remove negative entities from the chakra system, aura, mind, and body.


  • Restore balance and vitality by beginning to rebuild your energy field.

Embodying The Highest Frequency

(6 personalised 1 hour phone sessions)

This course is designed to awaken your ultimate potential for spiritual growth so that you can embody the best possible energy in this lifetime.


Here’s how we will build divine light energies for personal growth and healing . . .


  • Activate the Rainbow Aura, energy sphere, and emotional/energetic body for spiritual growth and vibrant health.


  • Rebirth the Light Body to expand consciousness and integrate higher frequencies.


  • Weave Golden Threads of Light to connect with divine wisdom, love, and compassion.


  • Build and expand the rainbow aura, enhancing your energetic field.


  • Unlock and develop abilities associated with the rainbow body for spiritual growth and intuitive awareness.


  • Cultivate and amplify divine light energies for personal growth and healing.


  • Initiate a process of rebirth to activate and refine your Light Body and consciousness.


  • Engage in practices that connect you with the transformative power of golden light, deepening your connection to divine wisdom, love, and compassion.


  • Expand the Rainbow Aura and activate Christ Consciousness DNA for a connection to higher realms and spiritual enlightenment.


  • Activate dormant Christ consciousness DNA light codes within your genetic makeup.

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