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multidimensional HEALER

Sandy Beach
Sarah R Adams

Are you someone who is facing relationship problems, having a hard time manifesting a partner or struggling to manifest success and abundance, dealing with health and mental health issues? Do you feel like you're being pulled down by negative energies or have unhealed trauma? If you need help with any problem in your life, on any level, then you should book a one to one personalized session with me. As a multi-dimensional coach, I work in multidimensionality, addressing health and relationships, detoxing and well-being. Success and abundance. I work with the chakra system and aura to cleanse it and recharge it. We work in all levels to bring you to a higher frequency which manifests healing love and blessings in your life.


You might have already tried various approaches such as breath work, reiki, therapy, psychiatry, or taking medications to heal, these things only work on a more surface level and to do the deep work you need to delve into your ancestral karma and clear this. You need to do sacred shadow work. You need to learn what divine messages your emotions are sending you. You need to learn how to recharge and rebuild your aura and chakra system. here's the truth: what you really need is multidimensional work. We take care of your physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual well-being. We detox the body, provide essential nutrients, and create a happy place for your soul to be embodied.


My name is Sarah Adams I’m…

A multidimensional coach and over the past decade I've worked with thousands of clients with astounding results. I have thousands of testimonials from clients who have healed on many levels as well. I've even had clients who were bedridden and unable to walk regain their energy and start living their lives again. Additionally, I have helped couples conceive naturally after unsuccessful attempts with IVF and have helped many find healing through my multidimensional technique of approach


So, if you're ready to experience transformation and find the solutions you've been searching for, book a session with me now…

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