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Favorite Products

Ambrosia Alchemy


I love these, you can't go wrong with any one of these beautiful blends. A full spectrum daily herbal spagyric elixir, high frequency pure essential oil inhaler, and masterfully crafted small batch sensuous essential oil blend all to help create the most joyous life you love!  Visit the website HERE and use code Sarah11 at checkout for 11% off your purchase.

Young Living Essential Oils


These are my favorite essential oils from Young Living! 

Visit the website HERE  to explore more pure essential oils or purchase. 

Suspended Solutions


Suspended solutions makes some amazing supplements and elixirs.  The ormus allows your brain to reach a "theta state" which gives a greater clarity of thought and increased intuition. Many Reiki practitioners and yogis can greatly benefit from this. Ormus is also believed to be the life force energy in all living things, similar to "prana" or "qi" energy. Because of this, it is said that Ormus can repair damaged DNA and purge the body of all toxins at the cellular level. Click here and use my code SARAHRADAMS for 15% off your purchase at the check out. 


the world’s #1 aromatherapy diffuser.
We offer breathable essential oil formulas that help you bring better vibes into your life. Our founder is a doctor, and our products are carefully designed by expert herbal formulators & scientists. That’s why we create diffusers with organic, natural, vegan & hand-crafted essential oils. Without any nicotine, artificial ingredients, tobacco, or THC. 
Click here and use my code below.

25% off with code SARAH72834

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