Let me take you through a journey, a journey that permeates throughout the layers of your existence, into your cells, into your DNA…..into your soul. Elevate and align your energetics to the highest attainable level and embrace your inherent Light . Awaken your power and remove your limitations to love and self mastery!  Discover the Love that you are and the Love that IS

Here in the physical earth realm, when we are primarily focused on the human aspects of life, our spiritual hearts can sometimes close. They must be opened! When open, our spiritual power increases rampantly. When shut, we live in fear, pain, anger, sadness, and manifest physical illness. Therefore as you remember who you really are, miracles happen and you create a life in love!

Sarah is experienced in many modalities and working with the Human Energy Field. She works with the 12 chakra systems, light bodies, the auric planes (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical), soul & divine blueprints,  physical systems and much more. As a gifted & experienced intuitive, she can assist in uncovering the origins of your pain, to bring you into clarity with a deeper understanding of your current circumstances.

Sarah can help you address the following:

  • Soul Guidance

  • Chakra/Aura/Channel/Meridian Balancing

  • Channeling messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters

  • Past Life Releases

  • Genetic Re-patterning

  • Addictions

  • Repetitive patterns

  • Astral Projection/Lucid Dreaming

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Psychic attacks

  • Empaths

  • Inner Child Aspects

  • Relationship with Parents and other family

  • Emotional Blockages

  • Cords of Attachment 

  • Archetypal energies

  • Energy Upgrades

  • Soul Fragments

  • Vibration Remedies

  • Clearing sabotage programs & beliefs

  • Birth issues

  • Balancing of yin/yang energies;

  • Understanding soul contracts/vows/curses, relationship karma & more.

Sarah also does packages which can be customised to the individual including a package to become more multidimensional.


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Sarah is currently taking bookings for readings and healing sessions.


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