My name is Reikhart, and I am primarily a Rune Worker with some counseling experience. I have been following the Rune path for nearly ten years, and I have already written a Rune Poem with supporting notes, a Rune Based Protection Ceremony, and I am currently writing a book on the Runes as a Path of Wisdom.

The Runes themselves are a gift from Odin, the chief of the Older Norse Gods, and they are doorways to our Wyrd - the paths and options available to us as a result of our previous choices and the work of the Norns. Odin is the God of Wisdom and Magic as well as an inspiration for Poets and Story-Tellers. 

I offer Rune Readings, where we ask the Runes for clarification and guidance. The Runes, however, demand that we take responsibility for our choices, and they rarely provide simple Yes/No answers. They are more likely to provide insight into our own motivations and desires, so we can make our future decisions with greater clarity.

However, the Runes are also actively powerful, and when combined properly with understanding, their energy is multiplied. Where appropriate, I am happy to create Bind Runes for personal blessing and protection. 

I also offer readings with a completely “non-esoteric” deck that I have designed. The “Truth Seeker” deck is made up of 52 cards. The deck itself incorporates 16 human archetypes, and the remaining elements are objects and ideas we can all recognize as common symbols (Sun, Valley, Lightening, Ant, etc). The deck is designed to be highly intuitive for both the Reader and the Questioner, so both can tap into their own subconscious with minimal confusion, and collectively uncover the appropriate answers.