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DeSpark restores your spark and your chi energy. It’s an alchemical aura charging mineral formula that I call meditation\zen in a bottle. If you fly long flights like me or need energy or simply just want to bring your frequency up then DeSpark is the perfect product for you. 

Our body comprises about 30 trillion cells, which are organized into over 200 different specialized cell types. We are healthy when our cells function normally. To do this, our cells require energy.

There are basically three levels of cellular energy requirements. The first is sufficient energy for the cells to stay alive. The second is the additional energy to perform the cells’ specialized functions. The third level is the energy needed for cells to respond to adverse events.

These third-level responses include the repair of damaged cells and/or the regeneration and replacement of irreversibly damaged and non-viable cells. The third level of energy is further required by the body to combat infections and to eliminate and to not be overly reactive to toxic materials.

It has generally been assumed that human and animal cells can only obtain energy from the metabolism of food. The principal cell components involved in the generation of energy from food are the mitochondria, which engage in a complex process that requires oxygen.

The research material presented on this proves that Nature has an additional energy force, which is attracted to separated electrical charges. The fundamental purpose of this force is presumably to prevent the fusion and elimination of electrostatically attracted opposite electrical charges. The force is called KELEA™, an abbreviation for Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction.

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