Want to live a more multidimensional life? Or interact

with a community of the same interests such as astral realms, spirit realms,

meditations, and more!  Then join the 9d membership!

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When you are living your multidimensional life, what it means to be human changes.  We are all energetic beings which exist across multiple dimensions. Learning to manage that enables us to understand the totality of our existence and our connections with each other. It also gives us a new perspective on healing and clearing the energetic blockages which contribute to illness. Sarah will talk about multidimensionality in her weekly zoom meetings and the weekly superfoods / detox recipes will help clear energetic blockages. 
  • Sunday evening zoom meeting
  • Discounts of sessions, courses, and products 
  • Detoxing & Superfoods page to raise your vibration 
  • Supernatural Experiences forum 
  • Audio channelings from Sarah 
  • A very safe and welcoming community! 
  • Please note this does not include a session.

There are no plans available.