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Sarah's courses

Please note, There are limited spots available for courses packages. 

Multidimensional Course


 *Soul Work *DNA Upgrades *Kundalini Work*Remote Viewing 

*Restore your Original Energy Grid *Detoxing 

The Multidimensional Package:


Sarah will guide you on energy work and teach it also reiki, detoxing, diet, meditation, prayers, positive mantras, past life regression, soul work, DNA upgrades, kundalini work, cell activation, super foods, activating the bodies energetic grid system, tapping into family or friends who have passed away, connecting to guides, connecting to your soul and God source within, the use of energy to build up organs and inner chi energy, clearing negative emotions, healing from depression and abuse, energetic rebirthing, rebuilding the bodies vital organs energetically and restoring their original energy grid.  She also teaches remote viewing and astral projection.


Sarah will work with you on a lot of the above points that she thinks you need to work on to make you more multidimensional, as you can see the list is extensive as becoming multidimensional is a multi faceted approach with Sarah. You would also need to do a lot of work between the sessions as Sarah guides you on becoming more multidimensional you may need to work more on certain aspects than others as this approach will be tailored for you. You can choose between 12 or 20 1 hour sessions over 6 -10 months. Enter your information below to get pricing and booking for this package. 

light being activation Course


 *Open Star Gates* Open Portals* Get Contact

* Detoxing*Interact With Beings

Light Being Activation Course:

This course will teach you how to create open and access stargates and portals, interact with ETs, angels and other light  beings. This is one of the first steps to achieve contacting ET

beings. After becoming whole by cleansing clearing and  rebuilding. The Emotional body. The Physical body. The Energetic body. We must make sure your body is clear of energetic blockages, we must also clear out the emotional body and detox the physical body. 

I will guide you through an energetic re-birthing process into higher frequencies. 

To achieve accessing any ET or angelic being one must function at higher frequencies. 

I often interact with angels, light beings and ETs. As a child archangel Michael appeared to me and spoke to me for hours. He told me that children often see angels because their auras are clear and that adults fail to interact with angels as their auras are dense from negative emotions and dense energies. I’ve always kept this experience deep within my heart for it’s the key of why many people cannot access light beings, ETs or angels. Their auras are dense and their frequency is low. So the solution is to clear cleanse and bring the frequency up so that all may have access to the higher beings. For contact to happen you most put in the work to detox. The state of your energy field and a detoxed body is a major part of getting you to successfully contact otherworldly beings. This course consists of 12 sessions where I work one on one with you and we do major amounts of energy work together and then I teach you to open Stargates and access otherworldly beings. Detox is included in this course as it’s the basis of lighting up the body and re-birthing it into higher frequencies. I’m choosing only to work with those who are sincere about working with me and are working to step up and do the work. The package is 12 hours of work spread out over 6 months. 

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