Greetings, My name is Elona. I am a homeopath who works with adults and children to help you heal the life force within you on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual Level. Homeopathy has the principles like cures like. When the spirit feels dis-ease it tells us mentally and emotionally. If we do not pick up these distortions in our mental or emotional field we are shown a physical manifestation of illness. In order to cure the body we must first cure the mind and before that our soul. We can do timeline therapy to strip off layer by layer of "situations" you have never been well since it happened. Regardless of how long ago it happened. It could be an accident, a broken bone, illness, a broken heart or a bruised ego. It can be anything that has changed you in a way you are no longer comfortable with. Regardless, we can work together to help you heal. Sometimes the illness we have is epigenetic and have been passed down in our genes through our ancestors causing distortions in our DNA but remember you are the programmer..  let's work together to help you rewrite the codes to live the life of your dreams. Your body is a vehicle and it is down to each and everyone of us to learn how to drive it. 

I have also worked many years as a psychic medium and offer astrological charts to understand what karmic debts you have been born with and how they can be cleared. Where are you repeating patterns? I can also do a reading to see how the planetary influences your day to day life and where you are repeating these cycles. Sometimes we just cannot see where we go wrong because we have been doing the same thing for so long.. even lifetimes, we cannot remember how to get it right... but when you face your demons you are no longer a prisoner. 

If you want to work on having an energy system that functions at a higher vibrational level of awareness, or work with soul loss recovery I am here to help you through this process as an unprejudiced observer. You are the key you are who you have been waiting for and I am here to help you.