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Given the name Aura before birth by her mother, Aura began leaning Astrology when she was 9 years old and even learned how to do all the math at that time. She has worked with most types of Astrology and has developed 4D Astrology - the absolute most accurate system for masterful timing and relationship points of connection. The reason it is so accurate is because Aura uses 4 times as much information as any other type of Astrology system and always looks at Declinations as well as Heliocentric charts. Other Astrology systems do not and therefore miss about 75% of the aspects that would be effecting any chart being interpreted.


As a columnist and public speaker Aura has written for numerous magazines such as The Yogi Times, In Touch, OK!, The Toping Journal and more. She has also been featured on many TV shows like “The Chelsea Lately Show,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and “The TV Guide Network.”



Aura has a proven track record for stunning accuracy. at least 4 years before the 2007 economic meltdown she was predicting this in her columns for “The Topanga Journal” and “The Yogi Times.” She helped several of her clients get prepared and do well during that difficult time. She has also helped countless clients on the healing level since her clairvoyant gifts are always present in any reading and she often gets information on how to correct energetic imbalances that a client may be experiencing.


Aura has also proven her knowledge of timing by getting involved in crypto currencies well before they came to mainstream knowledge and was personally involved with Bitcoin since 2016. She has many accurate predictions since then that can be seen her published articles on





Astrology gives us a glimpse at divine timing, as it is truly the clock of the universe. Where psychic or clairvoyant information is usually unable to see specifically when something is likely to happen, Astrology will tell us exactly when it is either possible or not possible for certain things to take place. We do not plant sunflowers in the winter snow - or our crop will not yield a harvest. The same is true for everything and Astrology is the true guide for how to create proper timing. These services include:


Event Selection: for Business, Incorporation, Weddings, Choosing to have a Baby and more

Starting your dream job or career

Seeking the relationship of your dreams



4D Astrology will determine with precise accuracy the exact nature of any relationship and what it’s strengths and weaknesses might be. You will learn if your relationship has POWER COUPLE written in the stars or MEGA MONEY MAKER partnership potential. You will also learn if you could be HAPPILY MARRIED, or if a relationship has DESTRUCTIVE WARNING signs that you need to be aware of. A reading with Aura will examine and reveal all of this and more.


THOROUGH READINGS - for a Relationship, or Business and Life Timing

Aura’s readings are 90 minutes long and cover everything that is going on in your life thoroughly. All readings are recorded for you to refer back to and your information and reading is always kept 100% private and confidential. Shorter 30 min or 60 min readings are available for check-in or follow up after the initial 90 minute session. This is so that Aura can get to know you and your chart, which makes follow up sessions much more accurate and easy to set up.


REPORTS - 100% guaranteed accurate

Astrology Report pairs for the annual Eclipses are also available and come with personal notes written by Aura to help you make full use of the reports information. These Eclipse pairs happen 2 or 3 times per year (depending on the year) and usually signal the biggest life-changing events that effect us in any given year.


How to understand the Solar Eclipse:

How to understand the Lunar Eclipse:


Book your session today, as Aura’s schedule fill up very quickly and a successful life is always about being prepared for the best possible timing.